About Us

We are a team of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of our youth by providing them with academic and recreational training programs. We also help them develop several life skills by allowing them to become valued members of our society. In short, the Rise Above Academy helps students and supports working families by providing them with free and comprehensive development programs.

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Our Mission

Equipping Minds – Building Bodies – Growing Spirits

​Equipping Minds

Our after-school academic programs help strengthen the minds of our youth.

​Building Bodies

Our sports’ training helps our youth to stay healthy and live a more prosperous life.

​Growing Spirits

We help our future leaders to become confident by providing leadership and entrepreneurial training.

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What Our Members Say

We cannot express our happiness when we receive positive feedback from the members of our society. Here are a few of them so we can share our joy with you.

We are so grateful that we found you guys, we were struggling to provide opportunities for our child, but thanks to you we now have peace of mind that. Thank you so much.”


Andrea B.

“I’m going to be honest with you all, at first we were having doubts that your team didn’t have the experience because you guys started just last year. But boy did you guys proved me wrong. Highly Recommended”


Thomas G.

“A friend of ours recommended Rise Above Academy to us, and we have been a part of them ever since. They have a highly professional team, and they go above and beyond to help the youth.”


Andrew K.